We have been training dogs since 1972, and also guide dogs since 1989. After the change of the political system we became self-employed trainers, then we started to work in various forms of business associations. Most of these dogs were taken abroad as the related financing system didn’t make it possible for market-based companies to compete for subsidies.

In the meantime, more and more of our clients contacted us with a legitimate request that they wanted to get dogs with such parametres we have set (and that is the same as what is accepted in Western Europe).

The ASSOCIATION OF HUNGARIAN GUIDE-DOG TRAINERS was formed on the effect of these claims with the help of some prepared trainers and committed supporters. This organization has been built on the professional knowledge of our founding members, the PARÓVÁRI KENNEL which has excellent results for generations, and the existing training base.

It means that we did not start from nothing and we did not launch our association at the expense of others either. Instead, we train and breed excellent dogs with appropriate intellectual capital and indispensable pieces of the required equipment. In order to develop our work, we need to win the support of both individuals and companies who want to help. Since our founding members contribute to maintain the premises, the kennels and the office from their own sources, the amount of the future supports will directly be spent on training dogs. Based on foreign experiance, we consider it important to provide Hungarian customers with dogs that are free from hereditary diseases, well-trained and balanced because they were kept in a stimulating, homely environment.
If you agree with our goals, and you would like to support our work as far it’s possible for you, we gladly inform you about the details in private or any other ways you can contact us.

Thank your for your assistance!

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