Our activity focuses on training guide-dogs. In addition, we offer proper preparation for basic obedience tests, breedings, ability and work tests.

We are specialised in retrievers. so we prefer their applications.
It is a basic requirement of keeping dogs in a civilized way that we don’t annoy those people who do not keep or not even like dogs. Therefore it is absolutely nessesary for all owners to live in tune with their dogs and the environment in order not to disturb others. For these reasons, good socialization and basic obedience are fundamentally needed.

Such as: a dog always has to come back when called, it shouldn’t jump on strangers, shouldn’t bark without a reason, and shouldn’t behave aggressively with other dogs etc.
All in all, we can help you not to regard keeping a dog as a bother or endless obligations but as a source of joy.

In case you train or accommodate your dog with us, you can contribute to get a well-trained, healthy guide-dog to one of our blind friends.

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