02. December 2013

2013.11.29. The Slovak special show of retrievers.

Paróvári Queen Joy "Zizi" in junior class : Exc. 2.

Judge: Nenad Davidovic

Mamma Mia Leminiscatus "Mia" in intermediate class: Exc. 1. CAC

Judge: Nenad Davidovic

We are proud of the girls.

31. Oktober 2013

The EIC results ARRIVED! We are very pleased with the results :)

Mary Mia Vilma Zizi

28. Oktober 2013

On 2013 October 26 in Salgótarján Paróvári Queen Mary, got her first show HPJ, Best Junior. Her brother Paróvári Quantum XXL " Diesel" ( from Countrybelle kennel) became class winner And he got the first HPJ. Judge: Kardos Vilmos (H)


22. Oktober 2013

2013.10.19-20. Komárom CACIB / DERBY Show

We spent a very successful weekend in Komárom. We entered Mia for intermediate class and Zizi for jugend / JUNIOR class. Our friends entered too, with our own breedig dog Paróvári Quantum XXL "Dieselt".

First day results: Mia : exelLent 3. Diesel: exelLent 3. Zizi: HPJ, Best junior Judge: Dusan Paunovic (RS)

Secound day results: Mia: exelLent 2. Res. CAC. Diesel: exelLent 2. Zizi: HPJ, Best junior, Derby winner, BOS Judge: Beke Judit (H)

16. Oktober 2013

On 2013th October 12 to 13 We were with our friends in Serbia at a dogshow. We entered Mia and Zizi each day.

First day: Mia  open class CAC, Zizi junior class winner, Best Junior, Junior BIS 3, Judges: Sipos Márta (SRB)
Second day: Mia open class CAC, Zizi junior class winner, BOB, BOG II. Judge: Karlo Bala (SRB)

Very pleased with the nice result, which is based on that Zizi became eligible for the Serbian Junior Champion title, Mia is the adult Serbian champion title. Zizi 10 months participated in five exhibitions, on which she was given 4x Best Junior title.We are very proud of her!

07. Oktober 2013

On 2013.09.14. Paróvári Queen Joy "Zizi" 9 months old. She took part in her first show,where she got class winner and best junior.
Judges: Erdős László

On 2013-10-06 We took part with Paróvári Queen Joy "Zizi" in Szeged CAC. She was 9,5 months old and she got HPJ, Best junior and BOS 

Judges: Sanja Momcilovic Bognic (SRB)


03. Oktober 2013

On 2013-09-28  We took part with 4 dogs in Babatpuszta work exam and breeding test Mamma Mia Leminiscatus, own dog 2 dogs from Countrybelle kennel 1 dog from Nicehunter kennel. All 4 dogs were perfect, and they passed the examinations with our training.
We are very pleased with this result.

Click to picture!

02. oktober 2013

 Daphne and her daughters . Paróvári Queen Mary & Paróvári queen Joy " Zizi"

The puppies are 9,5 months old.


10. September 2013

We spent the first weekend of September in Hódmezővásárhely CACIB. We entered  Daphne for Champion class, Mia  for intermediate class and Vilma for working class. All three dogs became both days class winners.. On Saturday Daphne had an outstanding success. Se became a group winner.

09 - 07. Saturday Ballehale Daphne: CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG; Paróvári Vilma: CAC; Mamma Mia Leminiscatus:CAC, Res. CACIB

Judges: Mile Aleksoski (MAC)

09 - 08. Sunday Ballehale Daphne: CAC; Paróvári Vilma: CAC; Mamma Mia Leminiscatus: CAC, Res. CACIB

Judges: Jaroslav Mátyás (SK) 


25. August 2013

Augustus we took part with Vilma in Garab WT. She entered " E" class and he got 66 points with he achieved which the second place.



1. August 2013


Dapne’s puppies in work.




31. July 2013

Mia is preparing for Work Exam.


30. July 2013

On 28 July we took part with 3 dogs in CACIB of Debrecen. It was scorching heat but the results compensated us for that.

Paróvári Vilma – Working Class CAC
Mamma Mia Leminiscatus – Intermediate Class CAC
Ballyhale Daphne – Champion Class CAC, CACIB, BOB


20. July 2013

On 13-14 July we spent a nice and successful weekend in Serbia with our friends and dogs. The new member of our kennel, Mamma Mia Leminiscatus was entered for Open Class and she got CAC, BOB, BOG. The judge was Marta Sipos.

Vilma entered for Working Class, and she became class winner both days so she got SRB CH. The judges were Marta Sipos and Dusan Pajkic.

Daphne entered for Champion Class, and she became class winner and res. CACIB both days so SRB GRCH. The judges were the same..

8. July 2013

We were looking forward to the official results of Mia and Vilma’s hip and elbow check-up.

Mia’s results are free (A) which we are very happy about because this nice-looking and good-tempered bitch now suits our breeding plans.

Vilma’s free (A) results made us even prouder because she was bred by us and from this litter, five of her brothers/sisters got examined and all of them became free (A).

Mia Vilma

7. July 2013

We were on the show of Lake Velence with Mia.

She entered for Open Class, and she was very successful on her first show.

She got CAC from judge Miklós Levente.

4. July 2013

We entered Vilma for intermediate class on the show of Székesfehérvár and Herend. We are happy and proud of these nice results!

09.06.2013. Herend, intermediate class: CAC   judge: Kardos Vilmos
15.06.2013. Székesfehérvár, intermediate class: CAC   judge: Tarján Annamária
16.06.2013. Székesfehérvár, intermediate class: Res.CAC   judge: Jana Janek


7. June 2013

A 15-month-old dog called Mamma Mia Leminiscatus became a new member of our kennels.

She is a very calm, friendly, healthy and good-looking dog.

13. May 2013

Between 9-12 May 2013 we took part in Clubsiegerschau & Working Test organised by ÖRC (Austrian Club).

Unfortunately Daphne, who performed excellently last year, couldn't take part because of heating. But Paróvári Vilma had a great performance.

She entered for the Beginner Class on WT and got 74 points out of 80. Two other dogs got the same amount of points so we had to do another test which didn't go well. It was enough for the 4th place (out of 37 competitors). We got the 4th place on the Show & Work category too.

The Judge of the Show:

Mary O' Donoghue (IRL)


WT judges:

Beppe Masia (I)

John Drury (GB)

Phil Garton (GB)

Stan Tweedy (GB)


We are very proud of Vilma's results!


29. April 2013

At April 21 Vilma took part in WT of Gyömrő in Beginner Class. Despite that she got tired of the working exam the previous day, which I could see looking at her performance. This was enough for the prominent third place.

28. April 2013

At April 20th we had a try at taking the working exam with Vilma, and to our greatest delight, it succeeded at first. Moreover, we got 86 points out of 100. We are especially proud of this nice result, because Vilma was only 16 months old. This could prove again that selected guide dogs having a balanced and confident character and good insticts can hunt, or become an assistance dog or a guide dog, or play in the theatre and films: whichever I want. But if somebody would like a family pet, this is an excellent choice for them too because they can live carefree with it for long years.


16. April 2013

Daphne’s puppies are four months old.

29. March 2013

Daphne’s puppies are three months old.
Studio photos were taken on this occasion.


20. March 2013

We took part with Vilma and Daphne in WT of Vitnyéd at March 9th.

Vilma entered for Beginner Class, and Daphne for Novice Class. This test was Vilma’s first competition. She was 15 months old and she worked very well. She got 64 points out of 80. There were little mistakes, from which I could learn and so we’ll try to perform better on the next test.
All in all, we are really satisfied with her work.

Daphne took part in the test after bringing up 10 puppies and missing more months.
We didn’t expect such outstanding results. She got 72 points out of 80, which put her on the 6th place among 22 participants.

Judges: Barry Taylor (GB) ; Colin Pelham (GB)


07. March 2013

The FCI confirmation of Daphne International Champion title holder.


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