01. December 2012

Q-litter: Mallorns Romeo & Ballyhale Daphne

We are expecting the birth of black puppies from a highly promising couple.

You can now get a limited number of these puppies by advance booking.

05. June 2012

Daphne 2,5 old years.

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28. May 2012

The yellow puppies from the excellent mating of Bajusz and Ódri promise to come in the middle of July.


We accept and wait for advance booking

27. May 2012

Komárom CACIB

We entered Daphne for Champion class, and Bajusz for working group.
Daphne received CAC, Res CACIB award, and Bajusz also completed with highly good results.
Judge:Herbert Klemann (D)


26. May 2012

Komárom CACIB

Daphne was entered in Champion class and received CAC, Res CACIB award. Bajusz entered in working group and received Res. CAC award.
Judge: Ivan Vasiljevic


22. May 2012

We participated in several events of the World Dog Show in Salzburg between 17-20 May. Besides the main programme, there were 2club shows and a WT. We spent a wonderful weekend in beautiful surroundings.

17 May: Schloss Aigen Clubsiegerschau – out of 26 countries 148 labradors competed, including 21 bitches in working group.
Judge: Barbara Müller (CH)

Daphne received Excellent qualification and ranked 3rd.

Schloss Aigen Clubsiegerschau judgements in detail

18 May World Dog Show, 292 labradors competed, including 20 bitches in working group.
Judge: Per Iversen (N)

Daphne received Excellent qualification and ranked 4th.

19 May
Schloss Anif Clubschau 168 labradors competed, including 11 bitches in working group.
Judge: Frank Kane (GB)

Daphne was chosen into the best 7 dogs.

20 May Working Test Schloss Aigen.  Dapne was entered in class "L", where 77 dogs competed.
Tasks were difficult due to local conditions, mainly because we can hardly ever practise under such circumstances. Still, Daphne completed the tasks really well. We were extremely happy that judge Cinzia Sgorbati (I) praised Daphne for her performance, and said that it was her pleasure to see such a good-looking show dog performing so well.
Out of 77 dogs 42 were qualified.

 Daphne got 84 points out of 100. So she was ranked 23rd.
On Work & Show competition, where all retrievers are compared based on looks and achievements, she was ranked 6th.

WT judges: Cinzia Sgorbati (I), Jennifer Hay (GB), Gordon Hay  ( GB), Stefania Gandolfi (I), Renate Berger ( GB)

We are very happy and proud that in such a strong selection, among so many ICH dogs and with experienced and renowned judges we could get such excellent results.



21. May 2012

On 12 May we took part in Szigetköz CUP organised by Retriever Munkakutya Sportegyesület (Working Retriever Hungary);we took Daphne there.
We entered her in "L" class. 16 dogs competed in this class, most of them were FT dogs.

Besides Daphne, there was only one more show dog.

The tasks were heavy, so only 7 dogs were qualified, Daphne was ranked 6th.
Judges: John Drury (GB) and Stan Tweedy (GB)

We are very proud of this result!


09. May 2012

The " W" litter became 5 months old, so we took the five puppies to a screening for hip dysplasia. We are happy to announce that all five of them have perfect hips.


25. April 2012

Kriszti and Bajusz appeared in Mokka today morning.


"A dog called Bajusz has a role in Radnóti Theatre"

As the saying goes: If we put a child or a dog into a film, it will be a certain success. Actor András Bálint had the unconventional idea to put a dog onto the stage. The chosen dog is assissted by the excellent trainer Krisztina Lakatos.


21. April 2012

New photos on Bajusz acting in the theatre.


18. April 2012

On 14 Apr in Babatpuszta we took a successful breeding and ability test with Lady Choco Kelesissel, the brown labrador that we hadtrained.


17. April 2012

Bajusz is waiting for the performance to start in his own dressing room.



6. April 2012

Interview with Bajusz

Bajusz talks about his new pastime activity, theatre!

(A discussion with Bajusz; The first interview; Look in on me)


Further articles on Bajusz

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NEO FM ATV Kossuth Rádió ( 17.30 krónika )
Bors Metropol Kossuth Rádió 2012.05.10



13. March 2012

ÚR ÉS KUTYA (A Lord and His Dog)

Bajusz becomes an actor.




12. March 2012

On 11-12 March we took part in CACIB in Arad with 3 dogs.

We entered Bajusz and Daphne for working group, and Lady Choco Kelesis (owned by our friend, István Horog) for young class. On both days Lady was given RPJ awards and she also received the Romanian junior champion award. Daphne received CAC,CACIB award twice and the adult Romanian Champion award too.
Bajusz got CAC, Res. CACIB on the first day, and then CAC, CACIB on the second day and he also become an adult Romanian Champion.

We are very happy for these results!



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